JCP Associate Kiosk At Home Features & Benefits

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What is JCP Associate Kiosk At Home?

JCPenney employees can use the JCP Associate Kiosk via an online portal. It enables them to manage work related duties and gain access to critical information. Personal information, job schedules, payroll, training resources, and benefit information are all included. It’s a simple platform that can be used from anywhere with an internet connection at any time.

JCP Associate Kiosk At Home

Features of the JCP Associate Kiosk

  • JCP Associate Kiosk Work Schedule Viewing: Check and manage work shifts.
  • Payroll and Benefits: View pay stubs, tax paperwork, and manage benefit programs in Payroll and Benefits.
  • Company Policies and News: Stay up to date with company news.
  • Training and Development: Gain access to training materials to improve your skills.

How to Use the JCP Associate Kiosk?

  • Navigate to the payroll area after logging in to view or download payslips.
  • Make sure you have internet access, then go to the kiosk website and login.

Benefits of Using the Kiosk

  • Accessible from any location with internet.
  • Streamlines tasks such as verifying schedules and payroll.
  • Improves engagement between employees and management through communication.
  • Quick and easy access to business regulations and training materials.

Registering for the Kiosk

  • Go to the JCPenney Kiosk website and select the ‘Register’ option.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as the employee ID, name, and contact information.
  • Make a username and password, and then confirm the account.


The JCPenney Associate Kiosk is a useful tool for employees because it provides convenience, efficiency, and complete access to work related information. It enables employees to efficiently manage their work lives.